Gloria Stuart

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Gloria Stuart (b. 1912 d 2010) was an American actress who appeared in almost 50 films.[1][2]

She is best remembered for playing the character of "Rose", the young Titanic survivor, at the end of her life.[1] In a 1997 interview she described it as her favorite role of her career.[2] Both Stuart, and Kate Winslet, who played young Rose, were nominated for Academy Awards for their portrayals -- the first time two actors from the same film were both nominated for their portrayals of the same character.

Stuart was recruited into the Hollywood studio system in the early 1930s, being contracted first to Paramount, and Later to Fox.[1] Most of her film career dates to the 1930s and early 1940s.[2] In the 1940s she became a professional painter, taking on occasional acting gigs. She had a small role in the 1982 film My Favorite Year. She acted in Titanic in 1997. Following her performance in Titanic, and her Academy Award nomination, Stuart had further film and television roles.

Stuart died in 2010.[2]


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