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'Compost' is the end product of the action of Composting. Produced by the disassembling of organic products by aerobic micro-organisms it is a brown organic substance containing humus and substantial nutrients. It is often mistakenly compared to soil however it contains none of the inorganic particles of soil and is eventually completly broken down to it's constituent nutrients and absorbed by plants or leached into the soil.

Compost is a highly valued resource for gardners and alotment growers. As a free and natural substitute to commerical inorganic fertilizer it has the following benefits:

  1. A gentle and balanced fertilizer with a full compliment of nutrients for all plants
  2. Humus in the compost improves the texture of existing soils helping drainage and increasing aeration of roots.
  3. Returns to the soil nutrients lost to growing plants
  4. Provides a simple way to recycle garden waste
  5. By composting kitchen waste it helps to avoid release of Methane by anerobic digestion of foods at the dump.

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