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Around 2004 a new form of circus performance which had previously been very underground began to spring up on the west coast of the US form Seattle to LA, called Cirque Noir or Dark Circus. This new form of circus entertainment quickly began to catch on all over the country and produce new circus's that focused more on adult entertianment.

Cirque Noir takes traditional circus acts and blends them with a darker side of performances and story telling. Many acts are new to the big top but some of these acts once thought of as freak show and side show are being brought to the main stage.

For more information, see: Circus Acts.

Many new Cirque Noir acts include:

  • Fire performance
  • Burlesque
  • Suspension (Body modification)
  • Grinder Suits
  • Bed of Nails
  • Block head

Together with these new acts Cirque Noir groups are adding a touch of dark humor and intrigue to their shows.

Cirque Noir shows include:

  • PURE Cirkus [1]
  • Circus Contraption [2]
  • The Nightmare Collective [3]
  • Batty's Hippodrome
  • societas Insomnia [4]
  • Circus of Horros