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Peace to you, friends!


My name is Anatoliy Kostrzhytskyy.

I was born in 1974, Odessa, USSR.

Currently reside in Odessa, Ukraine.


1991-1996 Odessa State Maritime University. Dipl. engineer in building of hydro technical structures and ports.


1997-2001 Odessa Institute of Problems of Seismic Safety - executive director. Development of software on seismic calculation.

2001-2006 PE web-software development, IT-consulting.


Managing 20+ developers team. Development of complex engineering software. OOP, database development.

Field of interests:

Spirituality, scientific approach in religion and spiritual practices, studying and development the complete methodology of spiritual self-perfection.

Hobbies: Music composing, writing spiritual poetry.

Languages: Russian & Ukrainian - native; English.

Why I'm here

My interest in CZ : careful studying, writing and editing in the field of spirituality, religion and similar "non-scientific" fields from the scientific point of view, based on contemporary knowledge.

The obligatory responsibility for the quality of materials the way CZ proposes is my dream. I'm ready to be beaten and to be responsible for the words I'm trying to speak.

To my mind lack of such responsibility particularly in fields like spirituality, religion(yoga) plunged the humankind to the actual state (not very good one). It's just because the real effect of incompetence here is much harder to note than mistakes of any specialist/expert in sciences of material world IMHO.

It's time to note, that all above said is based on my own spiritual experience in practicing different esoteric methods and intellectual (scientific) analysis of both empirical and theoretical part of it. Both positive and negative results of my experiments led me to the understanding of exceptional importance of highest accuracy and scientific clearance of any spiritual practice.

I'm not pretend to be an expert yet in this field, but if I start to be an editor, I would pay the maximum attention to carry out the main(IMHO) editor's task:

Propose to the reader of the material clear, high-quality, easy-to-understand, neutral, and first of all safe for using (including every necessary warnings of possible injury) article.

I would higly appreciate any help in proofreading of my articles!


as author I hope it will be the very beginning, but actually there is great amount of work here...

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