The Adolescents

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The Adolescents
Director Pedro Masó
Producer Manuel Amigo
Screenwriter Pedro Masó
Santiago Moncada
Starring Anthony Andrews
Koo Stark
Susan Player
Victoria Vera
Eduardo Bea
Maria Perschy
Cristina Galbó
Music Juan Carlos Calderón
Cinematographer Jorge Herrero
Editor Alfonso Santacana
Studio Impala
Distributor Warner Bros. Pictures
Released 9 September 1975
Filmed 1975
Length 103 minutes
Origin Spain
Language Spanish (dubbed in English)

The Adolescents (Spanish: Las adolescentes) is a 1975 teen exploitation film which featured Koo Stark, and was directed by Pedro Masó. It was Stark's first film. The movie also starred Anthony Andrews, Susan Player, and Victoria Vera. Filmed in London with English overdubbing, by Spanish company Impala and Pedro Masó Producciones Cinematográficas, with distribution by Warner Bros. Pictures.


A young, reserved, fifteen year old Spanish girl Ana (Koo Stark), is sent to a prestigious English boarding school. After enduring the usual hazing rituals she hooks up with two more popular girls and goes off for a weekend in London where all three fall prey to a cabal of sleazy photographers. One of them, Jimmy (Anthony Andrews), takes Ana back to his apartment where hidden cameras are placed behind furniture for the purpose of getting explicit material for magazines in Denmark, but complications arise when feelings of love develop.


  • Anthony Andrews - Jimmy
  • Koo Stark - Ana
  • Susan Player - Carla
  • Victoria Vera - Rosalind
  • Eduardo Bea - Carlos Borrera
  • Maria Perschy - Miss Stella Larsen
  • Trevor Thomas - Joe Graves
  • Cristina Galbó - Danielle
  • Beatriz Galbó - Schoolgirl
  • Eduardo Fajardo - Ana's father
  • Queta Claver - Ana's mother
  • Isabel María Pérez - Chris
  • Arthur Howard - Headmaster
  • Jack Taylor - Photographer