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An informational catalog, or several catalogs, about Texas.

Geography Catalogs

Cities in Texas

Note: Information obtained from the US Census July 1, 2006 estimates.

Cities over 1,000,000

City Population
Houston 2,144,491
San Antonio 1,296,682
Dallas, Texas 1,232,940

Cities between 200,000 and 1,000,000

City Population
Austin 709,893
Fort Worth 653,320
El Paso 609,415
Arlington 367,197
Corpus Christi 285,267
Plano 255,009
Garland 217,963
Laredo 215,484
Lubbock 212,169

Government Catalogs

Governors of Texas

Governor Beginning of Term End of Term Party
James Richard Perry December 21, 2000 Currently in Office Republican
George W. Bush January 17, 1995 December 21, 2000 Republican
Ann W. Richards January 15, 1991 January 17, 1995 Democratic
William P. Clements January 20, 1987 January 15, 1991 Republican
Mark White January 18, 1983 January 20, 1987 Democratic
William P. Clements January 16, 1979 January 18, 1983 Republican
Dolph Briscoe January 16, 1973 January 16, 1979 Democratic
Preston Smith January 21, 1969 January 16, 1973 Democratic
John Connally January 15, 1963 January 21, 1969 Democratic
Price Daniel January 15, 1957 January 15, 1963 Democratic
Allan Shivers
Beauford H. Jester
Coke R. Stevenson
W. Lee O'Daniel
James V. Allred
Miriam A. Ferguson
Ross S. Sterling
Dan Moody
Miriam A. Ferguson
Pat Morris Neff
William Pettus Hobby
James E. Ferguson
Oscar Branch Colquitt
Thomas Mitchell Campbell
S.W.T. Lanham
Joseph D. Sayers
Charles A. Culberson
James Stephen Hogg
Lawrence Sullivan Ross
John Ireland
Oran M. Roberts
Richard B. Hubbard
Richard Coke
Edmund J. Davis
Elisha M. Pease
James W. Throckmorton
Andrew J. Hamilton
Pendleton Murrah
Francis R. Lubbock
Edward Clark
Sam Houston
Hardin R. Runnels
Elisha M. Pease
J. W. Henderson
Peter Hansbrough Bell
George T. Wood
J. Pinckney Henderson