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RoboSig Inc.
RoboSig Logo.jpg
Ownership type Private
Founded 2016, by Richard Preschern, Michael Schwaiger, John Racioppi, Ajay Ramachandran
Headquarters Wilmington (Delaware), Chicago, Illinois (Illinois) , United States
Industry Financial Technology
Product/Service Software for automated FX trading

RoboSig Inc. is a private company in the financial technology industry based in Wilmington, Delaware. The company is a software developer that specializes in issuing systematic and market-neutral currency trading strategies coupled with automated risk management as well as trade execution tools.[1]


RoboSig was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 2016 by Richard Preschern, Michael Schwaiger, John Racioppi and Ajay Ramachandran, who have long-term experience in foreign exchange, financial technology, capital markets and banking.[2]

It opened for business with four employees and has since grown to over 10 professionals.[3] RoboSig Inc. is located in Wilmington, its research and development office is situated in Chicago, Illinois.[1]

Products and Services

RoboSig developed a software designed to offer fully automated trading systems.[2] It applies systematic statistical methods to the G7 foreign exchange market.[4] The software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide low-risk suggestions and remove all errors in human calculation. It has the ability to constantly learn and predict the market.[2] Consistent returns, low risk, low volatility, and zero correlation to traditional asset classes are the characteristics of this cash management solution.[3]

The system is suitable for traders to increase their profit at low-risk and financial advisers to retain clients.[2]

Public Recognition

RoboSig is counted as one of the most promising start-up companies in the finance industry and was awarded at the Fintech Germany Awards in Frankfurt in 2018.[5] From 2016 the company saw substantial growth and venture capitalists, including Streamlined Ventures and GRIL Ventures, invested an undisclosed amount in the company.[6]

Key People

  • Dieter Marlovics: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Richard Preschern: Chief Information Officer (CIO), Co-Founder
  • Michael Schwaiger: Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Co-Founder
  • John Racioppi: VP of Business Development
  • Ajay Ramachandran: Adviser, Co-Founder[7]


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