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A list of key readings about Robert Llewellyn.
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  • Brother Nature (2001)
  • Sudden Wealth (2000)
  • Punchbag (1999)
  • The Man On Platform 5 (1998)


  • Sold Out: How I Survived a Year of Not Shopping (2008)
  • Behind the Scenes at Scrapheap Challenge (2001)
  • Thin He Was and Filthy-Haired (1996) - autobiographical account of Llewellyn's early years
  • Therapy and How to Avoid It (1996; with Nigel Planer)
  • The Man in the Rubber Mask (1994; 2nd ed. 2012) - behind-the-scenes account of Llewellyn's time on Red Dwarf
  • The Reconstructed Heart: How to Spot the Difference Between a Normal Man and One Who Does the Housework, is Great in Bed and Doesn't Get All Iffy When You Mention Words Like Love and Commitment (1992)