Rex Carver

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Rex Carver is a fictional British private eye created by the prolific thriller writer Victor Canning. He appeared in four fast-paced, irreverently narrated novels in the 1960s. Although strictly a private eye, Carver knows a number of people who work for a shadowy British undercover agency and he frequently runs into both enemy agents and hostile British agents during his adventures. It is by no means a stretch to call his adventures spy thrillers or to consider Carver himself a secret agent of sorts. Told in a breezy first-person style, there is an understated humor throughout the books but also an underlying grimness that is never far from the surface.

Rex Carver novels

  • The Whip Hand (1965)
  • Doubled in Diamonds (1966)
  • The Python Project (1967)
  • The Melting Man (1968)