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An informational catalog, or several catalogs, about Cheese.

Cheese Category Milk Country of origin
Asiago Hard Cow Italy
Brie Soft Cow France
Camembert Soft Cow France
Cheddar Semi-hard Cow England
Cottage cheese Fresh Cow
Cream cheese Fresh Cow
Edam Semi-hard Cow The Netherlands
Emmenthaler Semi-hard Cow The Netherlands
Feta Soft Sheep/Goat Greece
Fontina Semi-soft Sheep/Goat Italy
Gloucester Semi-hard Goat England
Gorgonzola Soft Cow Italy
Gouda Semi-hard Cow The Netherlands
Gruyère Semi-hard Cow Switzerland
Havarti Semi-soft Cow Denmark
Jarlsberg Semi-hard Cow Norway
Manchego Semi-hard Sheep Spain
Monterey Jack Semi-hard Cow United States
Mozzarella Fresh Water Buffalo Italy
Parmigiano-Reggiano Hard Cow Italy
Provolone Semi-hard Cow Italy
Queso Fresco Fresh Cow/Goat Mexico
Ricotta Fresh Cow Italy
Roquefort Semi-hard Sheep France
Stilton Semi-hard Cow England