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An informational catalog, or several catalogs, about Canadian cuisine.

This is a catalog of well-known Canadian dishes, in alphabetical order.

English Name French Name Origin Description
Baked beans Fèves au lard Quebec (and New England) Beans cooked with lard or pork, similar if not identical to Boston Baked Beans
Bannock First Nations in northern Canada Fried bread, using flour, water, baking soda and fried in lard
Beaver tails Queues de castor Ontario A flat fried pastry
Fiddleheads Têtes-de-violon New Brunswick Immature fronds of the Ostrich fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris)
Fish and brewis Newfoundland Salt cod and hardtack
Flipper pie Newfoundland Baby seal flippers in gravy, cooked in a crust
Frozen french fries Frites congelées Florenceville, New Brunswick Invented by McCains in New Brunswick's St.-John River valley
Ginger beef Alberta's Chinese restaurants Battered stir-fried beef strips, served in a sweet sauce
Hot chicken sandwich, hot turkey sandwich, etc. Hot chicken, sandwich au poulet chaud found throughout Canada meat in two slices of white bread, covered in gravy and canned peas
Jig's dinner Newfoundland Salted beef, boiled vegetables, and peas pudding
Lobster roll Sandwich au homard New Brunswick (and New England) Lobster and mayonnaise in a hot-dog bun
Maple Syrup Sirop d'érable First Nations in Eastern North America where the maple sugar grows Boiled down sap of the sugar maple (Acer saccharum), may be made from other maples
Oreilles de Christ (Christ ear) Oreilles de Christ Quebec Deep fried salted pork, slathered with maple syrup
Pea soup Soupe aux pois Quebec Soup made from yellow split peas
Pemmican Pemmican Metis in Manitoba dried buffalo meat with berries, preserved in fat
Pet de soeur (Nun's farts) Pets de soeur Quebec Cinnamon bun slathered in maple syrup
Planked salmon British Columbia First Nations Pacific salmon fillets cooked on a western red cedar (Thuya plicata) plank near an open fire.
Poutine Poutine Drummondville or Victoriaville in Quebec's Eastern Townships French fries with gravy and cheddar cheese curds
Poutine rapée Poutine rapée New Brunswick's Acadian community Balls of grated potatoes with meat in the middle, an Acadian specialty
Smoked meat Smoked meat, viande fumée Montreal's Jewish community Smoked brisket of beef, usually eaten in a rye bread sandwich
Solomon gundy Nova Scotia Pickled herring and onions
Tourtière Tourtière Quebec A highly seasoned pie made with ground pork
Tourtière du Lac-Saint-Jean Tourtière du Lac-Saint-Jean Lac-St-Jean and Saguenay region in Quebec Meat and potato pie
Winnipeg goldeye Manitoba Smoked goldeye (Hiodon alosoides) from Manitoba streams