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(PD) Photo: Darryl De Ruiter
SK 48, Paranthropus robustus.

Welcome to the University of Colorado at Boulder ANTH 4110/5110 (Human Evolutionary Biology) Page!

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Entries managed through this class:

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Article Title Student Name
Acanthostega Jennifer Schilz
Allele Elizabeth Sarah McClure
Australopithecus afarensis John S. Murphy
Aye-aye Amanda Quinn
Bipedalism Coleen Monroe
Bonobo Briana Rose Cooper
Brian Ferguson Cydney Elisabeth Justman
Charles Lyell Erma Sampson
Chimpanzee Wilson Rondini
Duiker Corinne Sober
Evolution of hominin intelligence Diana Phung
Evolution of menopause Michaela Emily Howells
Evolutionary psychology Christopher Campbell
Human and ape behavior Jon Swihart
Human evolution Nicholas W Parker
Hunter-gatherer Jennifer Schilz
Human skeletal system Natalie Smithson
Lactose intolerance Elizabeth S. McClure
Milankovitch cycles Corinne Sober
Neanderthal Angela Rovak
Paranthropus boisei Elizabeth Mickel
Piltdown hoax Leah Cole
Survival of the Fattest Brian R. Head
Stephen C. Cunnane Brian R. Head
Synapsid Jennifer Schilz
Violence in the Amazon Cydney Elisabeth Justman
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