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(CC) Photo: Dalton Holland Baptista
Did you know that... among more than fourteen hundred cacti species only one can be found in the Old World? It is Rhipsalis baccifera. All the rest originated in the New World. United States, Mexico and Brazil are among the countries with the higher number of species. This photo is a detail of a cactus of genus Mammillaria, possibly M. herrerae.
(CC) Photo: Dalton Holland Baptista
Aerangis luteoalba var. rhodosticta is a monopodial orchid species spread from west-central and east Tropical Africa to Ethiopia growing over the trees in shady areas of the forests. It was discovered in 1896 and originally described by the Botanist Friedrich Kraenzlin as Angraecum rhodostictum. In 1918 Rudolph Schlechter subordinated this species to the genus Aerangis where it is classified ever since.
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(This is just a preliminary list, please help us adding to it any important article or topic we missed.)

  1. Stub Botany


  1. Agronomy

Botanical journals

Botanical societies

Botanical gardens

  1. Stub Botanical garden
  2. Royal Botanic Garden
  3. Missouri Botanical Garden


  1. John Lindley
  2. Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach
  3. Friedrich Richard Rudolf Schlechter
  4. Olof Peter Swartz


  1. Bryology


  1. Ethnobotany


  1. Forestry


  1. Stub Horticulture


  1. Stub Mycology


  1. Paleobotany


  1. Developing Article Phycology


  1. Phytochemistry

Plant anatomy

  1. Plant anatomy
  2. Leaf
  3. Developing Article Flower
  4. Petal
  5. Stub Root
  6. Stem
  7. Stub Fruit
  8. Seed
  9. Developing Article Pollen
  10. Plant tissues
  11. Parenchyma
  12. Collenchyma
  13. Sclerenchyma
  14. Epidermis
  15. Guard cell
  16. Stomate
  17. Trichome
  18. Xylem
  19. Phloem

Plant ecology

  1. Plant ecology

Plant genetics

  1. Plant genetics

Plant morphology

  1. Plant morphology

Plant pathology

  1. Plant pathology

Plant physiology

  1. Plant physiology
  2. Dehiscence
  3. Flower induction
  4. Nitrogen assimilation
  5. Plant senescence
  6. Wilting
  7. Plasmolysis
  8. Plant hormones
  9. Abscisic acid
  10. Auxin
  11. Brassinosteroid
  12. Cytokinin
  13. Ethylene
  14. Gibberellin

Plant systematics

  1. Plant systematics
  2. Plant families
  3. Cactus
  4. Palm
  5. Angiosperm
  6. Eudicotyledon
  7. Monocotyledon
  8. Bryophyte
  9. Gymnosperm

Plant taxonomy

  1. Plant taxonomy
  2. International Plant Names Index
  3. International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
  4. Herbarium
  5. Excicata
  6. Typus
  7. Stub Type species
  8. Stub Taxon
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