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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Augustus.
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  • Ancient Celtic music [r]: The music and instruments of the ancient Celts until late Antiquity. [e]
  • Ancient Rome [r]: The most powerful empire of the ancient world. [e]
  • Conaire Mór [r]: Legendary prehistoric High King of Ireland, surrounded by contradictory traditions. [e]
  • Cunobelinus [r]: British king of the early 1st century AD. [e]
  • Flamen Divi Iulii [r]: The high priest of the cult surrounding the divinized Julius Caesar. [e]
  • Gaius Iulius Caesar (name) [r]: A prominent name of the gens Iulia since Roman Republican times, borne by a number of figures from history, most notably the dictator Julius Caesar. [e]
  • History of geography [r]: Chronology of the development and history of geography. [e]
  • Julius Caesar [r]: Roman general and politician who conquered Gaul, won a civil war, and was assassinated in 44BC. [e]
  • Lucius Cornelius Merula (consul 87 BC) [r]: Politician and priest of the late Roman Republic. [e]
  • Positivist calendar [r]: Alternative calendar proposed by Auguste Comte in 1849, with each day and month celebrating a different person. [e]
  • Republicanism [r]: The political ideology of a nation as a republic, with an emphasis on liberty, rule by the people, and the civic virtue practiced by citizens. [e]
  • Roman Senate [r]: The main deliberative body of the Roman Republic (founded in 509 B.C.), and its successor, the Roman Empire. [e]
  • Tribune [r]: An official holding one of several governmental offices in the Roman Republic and Empire; only plebeians could become tribunes. [e]
  • Ulster Cycle [r]: A body of early Irish heroic sagas set in prehistory during the reign of Conchobar mac Nessa over the Ulaid. [e]