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Parent topics

  • Biology [r]: The science of life — of complex, self-organizing, information-processing systems living in the past, present or future. [e]
  • Human physiology [r]: Science of the workings of the human body and its component parts, at many levels and modes of scientific investigation and at many levels in the heirarchy of the human body’s complex and changing organization. [e]


  • Acidosis [r]: Condition noted for accumulation of acid (e.g., lactate ion) or depletion of alkaline reserves (bicarbonate ion) in blood and tissues. [e]
  • Metabolic acidosis [r]: Refers to an abnormal chemical compositional state of the body that clinicians characterize as abnormally increased acidity — measured as pH reduction or hydrogen ion concentration ([H+]) increase — accompanied by abnormally reduced bicarbonate concentration ([HCO3-]) concentration in the extracellular fluid compartment (ECF) of the body, acknowledging that in most cases similar compositional abnormalities exist in the intracellular fluid compartment (ICF) as well. [e]

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